We get questions about pricing and costs all the time.

How much per square foot
How much is an average house?
Can I just get a ballpark price?

We’d love to be able to do that for our customers! We know pricing is very important in the decisions you make for your home or business.

Unfortunately, every home and business is unique. There really isn’t a standard window size and we have many options of film related to performance. With film we have certain sizes available and some windows have more waste than others or are harder to access. We’ve discovered that the way to give you the best service and the most accurate information and pricing is to come and do a site visit. If your job consists of just a few windows you can submit measurements of the glass size and if needed send a photo. We can send you an estimate, specs and photos of completed projects.

The process is quick and does not take up much of your time.

That final price is not just a matter of square footage. There are a number of aspects that can affect your final price. We will review the most important factors.

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