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Lower Energy Costs and protect your investment


How Film WorksBy improving HVAC efficiency, window is affordable and can deliver annualized energy savings as high as 15% with an average payback within three years!


Commercial window films can reduce solar heat gain up to 75% ─ reducing unwanted heat gain and eliminating hot and cold spots throughout your building.


Commercial window film offers an attractive alternative for improving energy efficiency.


UV window film filters out up to 99.9% of UVA and UVB rays, helping to protect interior furnishings, merchandise, and occupants from sun damage.


This protection saves money and can help protect investments.

Improve Comfort

Window film can help reduce hot and cold spots in a building. Reduce glare and eye strain, making computer monitors easier to view.

Move Closer to LEED Certification

By lowering energy costs, reducing carbon emissions and improving aesthetics, Vista commercial window tinting can help your building qualify for up to 9 points in LEED certification.

Energy Cost Savings in Every Season

While most commercial window film provides beneficial savings during cooling season, many films have one big drawback: they reduce solar heat gain from windows all year long. In climates where solar heat gain may be desired during the heating season, traditional commercial window film can actually increase the amount of heat required from the HVAC system.

Most Efficient Low-E Film Available for Commercial Buildings

Typical ROI in 3 Years or Less

EnerLogic balances the equation by lowering upfront costs and environmental impact without compromising energy efficiency or visibility. It costs a fraction of the price of new windows, and provides up to three times as much heating and cooling savings vs. comparable visible light transmission film.

Savings of 5% to 15% in total electricity costs may be expected in commercial facilities. Savings vary based on glass type, window-to-wall ratio, exterior overhangs, climate, the type of window film, and cooling equipment efficiency. Because of the energy savings it affords, facilities managers may expect to see a 100% return on investment with window film in as quickly as three years.

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